I’m writing this post as an accountability for my new journey to a better me. The first week went well. I feel empowered and optimistic. Yes, I did make quite a few changes to my original plan but really that’s what it’s about. Finding what works for me. I wanted to find a schedule, that challenges but not overwhelms me. I wasn’t going to force myself to read or study if my mind was focused on something else and I had no interest in doing so. So instead of studying five days a week, I knocked it down to two days where I plan to work on one chapter for two weeks.

weekly spread (Passion Planner PDF)
weekly spread (Passion Planner PDF)
yearly look at emotions

I did my morning walk every day until Saturday morning. That morning I thought “I want to take a little break.” So I skipped it and also decided to do walk just during the week starting the second week. I‘m still doing my strength training and yoga in the afternoon every day though.

Apple Activity rings from the past week. I initially set my move goal to 600 calories but then changed it to 500 on Saturday.

I’ve also started journaling and it has helped with my emotional and mental well being. I forgot how therapeutic it is to write things down instead of just bottling it up inside. And I don’t have a plan on what I’m going to write. I just write whatever I feel like putting on paper.

screenshot of my journal (GoodNotes)

I’m still playing around with how I want to use my planner specifically the weekly spreads. I’m thinking about using not only as preplanning but to also record things I do/work on throughout the day. Although it’s only been a week, I really do feel great both physically and mentally, and I’m very optimistic and excited for the future.

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