Doing Less is Okay

I decided to change my workout plan. Today I was tired…seasonal allergies slowing me down a bit these past few days plus menstrual hormones were sucking the life out of me. I actually took a nap this afternoon. LOL. So I decided to do half of my strength training workout but still committed to yoga. I decided that I’m going to do a strength training workout only on Sundays, flexibility on Saturdays, and still walk during the week and do yoga every day. At first I felt a little discouraged but then I was like why? I’m trying to improve my health, not to reach a certain weight or dress size. And I’m still working out more than 30 minutes every day so I’m burning calories and closing my exercise ring. Had this been years ago, even last year, I would have let the discouragement take over and quit altogether. I’m learning to find what works for me and to also be kind to myself. Doing less is okay because it’s so much more than doing nothing at all.

new workout plan (I made some edits using the Passion Planner’s Workout Tracker)

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