Mu Draconis Planners

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Been busy, and lazy, and then busy again. LOL. The past couple of weeks I’ve been working on a little business idea to make digital planners, notebook, and stickers. It started with me making one for myself using the Passion Planner PDF inserts. then I started having fun and had all these ideas for designs, and then I thought “Why not make this into a business?” So that’s what I did. I spent almost all day, everyday designing and editing my products. The format of the planner is simple and minimalistic. I thought about having all the extras like, financial tracking, habit tracking, etc. but it’s not my style. I wanted something that wasn’t overwhelming and could be more customizable without all the labeled sections and headings. It’s an undated one month planner. I also made a 50 page lined notebook. Both book products have linked components. The sticker sets each have a set of memo notes, a patterned paper for washi customization and various graphic/icon stickers. I became a bit obsessed. But I was so excited to try something new, and to have found something that I enjoyed doing. I don’t know where this little business will be going. Maybe it won’t go anywhere. But that’s life, right? 😉 Anyway, if you’re interested, take a look at my Etsy shop or my Instagram page.

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