Today is election day here in the United States. Many people have already voted early. This election is going to be a turning point, regardless of the outcome. As I have been keeping up with the progress, I have seen many people shift their views, for the better of everyone, and that gives me hope. I hope that everyone not only votes smart but votes kind. I hope they vote in a way that betters the lives for EVERYONE, not just for themselves or for people like them. Whatever the results, I also hope that we can all show some dignity and compassion, and not direct any disappointment towards anger and violence. Our country was never perfect or even close to it. We are all humans after all. But we can always strive to do better. As individuals and as a whole country. I made these digital stickers this morning as a little reminder on how we SHOULD be voting. ❤️So do your part but also be patient, be strong, and be kind. Oh and please wear a mask. 😉

Click here to download the Vote! Sticker Freebies. The download comes with the Goodnotes file and the individual PNGs.

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