Thanks for the Coins

GOP should stand for Get Out Please. The level of incompetence and inhumanity of those assholes in Congress is astounding. The first and only stimulus check at $1200 wasn’t enough for most people as many of them were already struggling and behind on rent or other necessary bills but then it took them another 8 months to decide to give us $600. That’s right. A bag of coins. But wait it gets better. President Trump decides to finally get involve and requests that they change the amount to $2000 or he won’t sign it. But of course, given the GOP’s track record, I knew they would reject it and lo and behold! Today they did. They know that people are struggling. They know that people are losing their homes and starving, all while diving further into debt. They know that parents are skipping meals just so their kids can have food and often times it’s still not enough. Meanwhile, they-the people that are suppose to help their citizens, to give a damn about their country- are still getting paid their fat six figure salary and continue to help these millionaires and billionaires, and big corporations increase their wealth. And now we’re waiting again. While they continue to do what they do best. Nothing. So yeah. For you to make these decisions or lack there of, time and time again, you are a heartless asshole. And to you I say FUCK YOU.

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