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I am a Queen

I have a new digital planner and sticker set on my Etsy shop. I am so excited about this launch! This is a project that I have been formulating for months now. I wanted to create a planner that would be minimalistic yet functional and mindful, and look aesthetically beautiful without being overbearing.

I also wanted to start a series of stickers/designs that would honor Black women. I chose eight inspiring quotes from Black women to give encouragement or words of wisdom. I plan on doing this in future sticker sets as well.

With this set I decided to start with designs that represent the beauty and diversity among Black women, with six different skin tones and types, six hair styles, and one wearing a hijab.

Although there are so many beautiful skin tones, I made six to represent a medium of variety of tones and skin types, including albinism, freckles, and vitiligo. The six characters are simply a MEDIUM representation of a wide range. I can always expand the range and add more characters in the future.

I made a few fun and yummy coffee and desserts inspired by the characters as well. And glitter and metallic stickers in four colors.

As I was making the stickers, I thought it would be a great idea to also upload them to my print-on-demand shops. If you are interested in checking out those products, they are available on my Teepublic shop. I am working on adding them to my other shops in the near future.

And enjoy these Sticker Freebies. The file comes with the Goodnotes sticker sheet and the individual PNGs.

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