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Teacher Planner Freebies

I’m starting work as an assistant preschool teacher soon and decided to make a small digital teacher planner to use this year. I also made some digital stickers to go along with it. I decided to make this one a freebie while I work on creating a full digital teacher planner with more stickers to be released in the future. Click here to download these freebies and more from Dropbox. You can also show support through Buy Me a Coffee. And check out my Etsy shop for other digital planner and sticker products.

*New update August 14: Check this post for the new updates.


The file includes the PDF of the planner and user agreement, a Goodnotes file of the stickers, and a file of the individual PNGs of the stickers.

This free digital download is for your personal use only.

By accepting this file you agree to the following:

-Do not share the file or any components

(please share the link instead)

-Do not sell the file or any components

-Do not plagiarize the file or any components

If you decide to post about it on social media, please add the following tags.

#mudraconis #digitalplanner #digitalstickers #freebies

Thank you and enjoy your freebies! 😊

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Support! ❤️

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