M.Curie Let it Glow Let it Glow Sun Veil Pearl Cream


One skincare product I always make sure to apply is sunscreen and I am always looking for one that applies smoothly and doesn’t leave my face looking ghastly. After recently reading about the difference between physical and chemical sunscreens, I learned that physical ones, those that are mineral based are less likely to cause skin irritation because they simply create a barrier on the skin without absorption, therefore they work immediately. No wait time.  One con is that many of them leave a white cast on the skin. Chemical ones can sometimes be irritating because the chemicals convert the absorbed UV rays into heat that is released from the skin. They also take time (around 20 minutes) to start working. So I make an effort to look for physical sunscreens.

Back in April when I first saw the ad for this new company, I was curious about what they would bring, particular with their sunscreen. I was excited to find out that the sunscreen was a physical type with the sun protective ingredient being titanium dioxide. Although I was concerned it may leave a white cast, I really wanted to try it out because it also contained various jewel powders (specifically diamond, pearl, and sapphire) and I am always down for anything that will give my face a nice glow.

The sunscreen comes with 40 ml of product in a tube with a rating of SPF 50+ PA +++. The key ingredients as stated on their website are jewel powders,  marine aide, and a component called K-activator. I wanted to know specifics of the marine aide and the K-activator so I read through the full ingredients. The only ingredient I assumed was the marine aide was the seaweed extract. I did come across some ingredients that got my attention. The product also contains two yeasts: one as a barley seed fermentation filtrate and the other as a rice fermentation filtrate. I find that products with some sort of fermented ingredient always works well with my skin. It also contains hyaluronic acid, another added bonus.

Below is a look at the product and pictures  of how it look in various lighting on my face.

product swatch
open end of the tube


I like the texture of the sunscreen. It’s moisturizing and applies smoothly, and doesn’t drag when applying, like many other ones I have tried.  It does leave a slight cast if not blended well or if too much is applied. Otherwise, it leaves my skin with a nice sheen without looking greasy.

Left side: Before blending.
Left side: after blending, indoor lighting
Left side: after blending, camera flash
Full face application, indoor lighting
Full face with makeup, natural lighting
Full face with makeup, indoor lighting
Full face with makeup, camera flash

I like the way it gives my skin a nice glow. It also feels like it works like a primer, not in filling in my pores but in tone balancing and helping my foundation apply more smoothly. It also doesn’t feel heavy nor does it make me sweat more. I would definitely purchase the sunscreen again in the future if I find a site that ships internationally. I am moving back to the states in three months and right now the company ships domestically here in South Korea.

M. Curie Skincare Line

As a part of my skincare routine, I have recently incorporated an new Korean skincare line called M. Curie. They had pre-launch special in May, where if you created an account on their site, you received one of their mask sheets along with a few samples of their serum and cream. I was curious about this brand from the time I saw their advertisements on Instagram, especially since they were “science based”. So, what is the science behind their primary products? It involves the carrier method of Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF). In humans when EGF  binds to EGF receptors, it plays a part in the healing process of wounds through regeneration of cells in the epidermal and dermal layers in various organs.  The M. Curie line claims to have a patented component called MTD26, which serves as a speedy carrier for the EGF to reach the receptors, 26 minutes to be precise.

I initially had planned to do a full review in a month but I have change my skincare routine a couple of times so I want to restart it again and give it two months instead. This way I have more time to more accurately record and analyze my skin’s condition. This month they also previewed new products to be released in August. They have a special where you can sign up to receive free samples from the new line as well as some from their existing ones. You only pay for shipping which is 2,500 KRW. I’m not sure if I want to try them out yet. I am interested yet at the same time I don’t want to become overwhelmed with products again. I am also considering switching over to a vegan and cruelty-free product line. In the meantime, here are some looks of the M.Curie products from my initial purchase.


JUNG SAEM MOOL Artist Make-Up Blending Tool 

I am so glad that Jung Saem Mool came out with this new tool. It’s the Artist Make-Up Blending Tool. It’s nice to have a clean surface to mix products on instead of my hands or a mirror.

It comes with five surfaces, including a removable stainless steel palette. 

This palette has circular patch that is textured to mimic skin.

This palette also fits inside the Artist Concealer Palettes.

One of the surfaces has a tab to hold things such as a small cotton pad or a piece of tissue. Pretty convenient to instantly clean off a tool or brush.

Two of the surfaces are smooth while the last one has a skin textured center.

I love that this tool has versatility, is compact, and snaps close. 

Iconel Eye Mirror: Touchpad LED Makeup Mirror

Last week, I was looking at some of the sales and promotions online at Memebox. I came across this LED makeup mirror, thought it was neat, so I purchased it. 

Besides a makeup mirror, it can be used as mood lighting as well. It’s not so small and compact but it could fit in a large makeup bag. It’s nice to have if you need to do some touch, especially in low lighting or to take with you when you go traveling. It comes with a stand, USB charging cable, and a pouch.

On the rear you’ll find the charging port, charging light indicator, the touch sensitive power switch, and the slot for the stand.

The light has three-gear dimming that is adjusted by tapping the power switch.

Left to right: Dimmest to brightest

There were two color options; silver as shown above and pink. I think this is something that is fun and handy to have, and is at decent price point even at the regular price. 

JUNG SAEM MOOL Refining Eyeshadow Double in Chocolate Delight and Shell Pinkbrown 

Before the release of Jung Saem Mool Refining Eyeshadow Triple last month, the Refining Eyeshadow Double duos were released back in December. There are five shades available, each containing a Paste shade and a Sparkle shade. Here are two of them: Shell Pinkbrown and Chocolate Delight. Like the Refining Eyeshadow Triple, these shadows apply smoothly, have great adhesion, great fallout control, and a great color payoff. Also like the Triples, the Doubles have Sparkle shades with the same high flek concentration while the Paste shades have a sheen finish. So for this post I will just upload pictures.

Sparkle Pinkbrown

Paste Pinkbrown

Swatch of Shell Pinkbrown (L: Sparkle, R: Paste)

Sparkle Chocolate

Paste Chocolate

Swatch of Chocolate Delight (L: Sparkle, R: Paste)

JUNG SAEM MOOL Refining Eyeshadow Triple-Fuchsia Fantasy 

Jung Saem Mool recently released a line of eyeshadows called Refining Eyeshadow Triple. As the name suggests, it is a mini palette that contains sections of three different finishes of eyeshadows: a sparkle, matte, and paste finish. There are nine mini palettes available. Some are a combination of varying colors while others contain a single color palette, such as the one I bought the called Fuchsia Fantasy.

The Sparkle Fuchia is a brighter fuchsia base with a high concentration of pink and bluish purple fleks giving it that high shine and sparkle.

The Matte Fuchsia is a flat fuschia color with matte finish. 

The Paste Fuchsia has a lower concentration of pink fleks, giving it a beautiful sheen.

Here is a swatch of the colors.

I would describe the textures of the Paste and Sparkle as creamy but a bit more solid and compact. I would be cautious to not apply too much pressure when picking up the shadows but any breakage can simply be pressed back in. It glides smoothly particularly when applied with a finger. The texture of the Matte leans slighty towards that of a powder but not as dry. The particles are finely milled that they adhere to each other, thereby preventing less fallout and giving a better color payoff. It leaves a soft and smooth finish on the skin. I really love the colors, textures, and formulas of these shadows. I definitely will purchase more shades within the next month or so. 

VDL Satin Veil Finish Powder-Greenery

The 2017 VDL + Pantone collection includes a variety of base makeup including color correcting primers and cushions, fixers, blushes, and a powder. Besides a blush the only other base makeup I bought was the Satin Veil Finish Powder in Greenery.

It has the same color scheme and minimal, mirrored compact design as the blush and eyeshadow palette. 

It includes a rectangular velour type puff that sits in own pocket adjacent to the powder.

The powder itself is unscented with sebum controling elements, leaving the skin with a smooth matte finish. Here is a hand swatch. I applied foundation and then the powder on the right-hand side.

I like this powder. It has fine particles and blends on the skin smoothly, without leaving a cast, or altering the underlying tone, nor does it leave makeup to appear cakey. And the compact’s design is clean and pretty too. 

VDL Expert Perfume Cube Diffuser-Greenery

Here is the other fragrance product from the 2017 VDL +Pantone collection. It’s the Expert Perfume Cube Diffuser in the scent Greenery. It has the same notes as the perfume.

The product comes in a frosted pale yellow-green glass cube and includes five reed sticks. This is another product that I will purchase again. Although I put in all five sticks, the scent disperses well throughout the room without being overwhelming. It also adds a nice touch to a room’s decor. I keep mine on top of my vanity.

VDL Expert Perfume Cube-Greenery

In the 2017 VDL+Pantone collection are two scented products. The one here is the Expert Perfume Cube in Greenery. 

The bottle is glass with a plastic twist top and a funneled opening.

This perfume is oiled based and is applied by tapping onto the skin. The top note is citrus and comprised of lemon, basil, and eucalyptus. The middle note is fresh floral and comprised of muguet, rose, and neroli. Finally, the base note is a musk woody amber comprised of cedarwood and musk.

When initially applied a grassy scent is most prominent but quickly settles, and the heat from the skin brings forward the other base components. Because it is an oil based perfume as well, the scent lasts longer than eau de parfums. I am obssessed with fragrances and this is a scent that I not only love but it is also different from the ones I currently use. 

VDL Expert Color Lip Cube-Marble Glow

Another lip product from the 2017 VDL + Pantone collection is the Expert Color Lip Cube-Marble Glow. There are three shades that inlcude a pink, coral, and the one here that is transparent, No. 03 Mint Favor. This product line is a tinted lip balm in a marbled cube stick format, hence the name.

It has a mint flavor with that cooling, tingling effect when applied on the lips. It glides so amazingly smoothly, like butter! It does not drag at all. Of all the lip care products that I have ever tried, this is one of the few that deeply moisturizes my lips and applies so smoothly. Until this collection I had never tried any VDL lip products so I was initially skeptical. This is one product that I will definitely purchase again.