Julio-Gangnam Branch

Yesterday I went out to lunch with a friend at Julio. It’s a restaurant that primarily specializes in Mexican cuisine. There are some fusion dishes on the menu as well. It’s located near Gangnam station, up the street that is next to the CGV. 

서울 강남구 강남대로102길 22 1층                                              Seoul Gangnam-gu Gangnam Daero 102gil 22  1st floor

We shared an order of tortilla chips and fresh guacamole, and we each ordered a taco. The guacamole was great. It had the perfect combination of fresh avocado, tomato, sweet onion, red onion, jalepeño, and cilantro. 

I ordered the Camaron Taco for myself. It comes with two tacos filled with spicy marinated shrimp, avocado, tomatoes, paprika, onion, and sprinkled with cilantro and cheese.

Meals also come with an assortment of four sauces to add for extra flavor. I tried thd very spicy and the fruit sauce. I didn’t add too much to my tacos but I could definitely taste an extra kick when I added the very spicy one.

And for a drink I ordered a limeade. It wasn’t too sweet which was great. It was a nice alternative to lemonade, something I often order.

The restaurant wasn’t packed, right when they opened at noon but I’ve stopped by several times before in the evening, and there are always people waiting to be seated. There were other dishes that I wanted to try so I’ll be visiting this restaurant again.

스바라시 초밥 : Subarashi Sushi

Earlier this month while ordering food for delivery, I was craving some Japanese cuisine having just returned from my Fukuoka trip. I found this place, 스바라시 초밥 (pronounced in Korean subarashi chobab), with a variety of noodle dishes, tempura battered pieces, but mostly sushi, and a few other rice based dishes.

 스바라시 (subarashi) is a Japanese word meaning ‘great, cool’ in a complimentary manner. And indeed their food is great. Today for lunch I ordered the Salmon Roll (연어롤) and the Fried Shrimp Roll (새우튀김롤).

The Salmon Roll is like a California Roll with less caviar and a slice of smoked salmon on top. The salmon has a nice smoky taste without being dry and has the perfect amount of crisp in texture. The inside of the roll contains cucumber, crab, caviar, and sauce.

The Fried Shrimp Roll has the same ingredients with a piece of fried shrimp in the roll in lieu of the salmon on top.

I’ve also tried some of the other items on the menu  before but these two are my favorite so far. You can order the roll menu in either two pieces or in eight pieces, which is a full roll. Today I ordered a full roll of each one and was easily fulfilled with eating half of the order. If you are living or visiting South Korea, and are looking to eating some sushi, I would recommend 스바라시초밥 as a place to check out.