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Covid Busters

A little promo video I made for my Covid Busters designs. I used Procreate to create the animation of Brian Neuron and Keynote for the other animations. I made the voice audio on GarageBand and compiled everything in iMovie. I really enjoy making these silly fun clips.😂❤️ These designs are available on my Redbubble, Society6, and Teepublic shops. The links to my shops on on the homepage.


Digital Planning

After years of purchasing and wasting paper planners, I decided to try out digital planning. I didn’t want to spend money on something that wasn’t customizable or had too many extras that I didn’t need. I’m very grateful that Passion Planner has PDF downloads for free on their website. I chose the undated weekly version. I like everything about this planner’s format.

I had a really fun time making this video. I created the intro and background music using GarageBand. For the intro music, I composed it myself and then with the background music I used the 3-chord autoplay function on the acoustic guitar and just changed the chords(key) every fourth count.

Then I used a combination of GoodNotes, Procreate, Keynote, and iMovie to create the intro and title clips. All of the graphics in the intro and title clip were drawn using the shape tool on GoodNotes. I used Keynote to create the animations and then exported the clips as a movie file.

And then with iMovie I edited the clips and music together.

*Update June 3: After checking out my YouTube studio recently I found that this video had a copyright claim. Evidently part of the guitar music was the same as some artist’s work. I was going to redo the video and upload it again but I couldn’t find the file. I must have deleted by accident or moved it somewhere else.