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Short Animated Clips • Bee

In the future, I would like to make some short animated films or cartoons so I’m practicing by making some short clips. Here’s one I made today with using the bee that I made a few months back.

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Covid Busters

A little promo video I made for my Covid Busters designs. I used Procreate to create the animation of Brian Neuron and Keynote for the other animations. I made the voice audio on GarageBand and compiled everything in iMovie. I really enjoy making these silly fun clips.😂❤️ These designs are available on my Redbubble, Society6, and Teepublic shops. The links to my shops on on the homepage.


Reset and Re-focus

The past two week I slacked off a bit. I skipped out on exercising five days. I wanted to take a break and also rework my planner (and my mind), and use a different layout. I decided to go with Passion Planner’s undated daily layout instead of the weekly. I‘m also using it for journaling and adding my Bible study plans as inserts. I decided to drop the walking in the morning for now. I like walking but I just enjoy it when it’s in a scenic environment, not in a neighborhood or on a treadmill. And it was too much for me to walk in the morning and then workout again in the afternoon. So instead I’m going to stick with yoga every day but do my strength training workout three days a week and the flexibility workout the other four days.

I need to get back on track before I make slacking off a habit again. So today is my reset day. I’m going to stick with my routine and re-focus on things that are important to me. I’ve already started making a list of video ideas for my YouTube channel. Some are more on the artistic side, some more on the comedic side. They pop up so well in my head. I just hope I can execute them well on screen. LOL.