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Reset and Refresh

I decided at the end of January that I would slow down and take a break from making any more designs, planner, or stickers. 😌I want to take the month to clean up and re-organize some things on my sites, but to also put in some time doing some micro-work (MechanicalTurk, surveys, etc. ) to make some money. But I did redesign my planner and updated my listing (see previous post). I had originally planned it to look that way actually.

I thought it would be a good idea to make some placeholders for my digital planner/sticker pics. I took the background I made for the planner but then created and added in the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil today. Here are some pages to show how I set up and use my own planner. I also duplicated the blank page and created a moon calendar to track the lunar cycle (👍🏾got the idea from Jen of Pretty Neat Living in her bullet journal video) and a simple log to keep a record of my reading activities. Hope you all are doing well. Stay safe and remember to take care of yourself. Sometimes that means saying no or just slowing down. ❤️

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Going Forward

As part of my journey to be happy, I’ve decided to clean up my Facebook friends list. I didn’t have too many people on there to begin with as I only use it to keep in touch with family and friends, many of those friends simply being people I went to middle and high school with. But I started to take notice in people who rarely or never engaged in my posts. So I thought “Well why do I continue to take interest in their posts and showing support in their works or life?” I’m not keeping tabs nor am I expecting equal reciprocal interest but it would be nice if those individuals had checked out my posts at least once. I’ve removed them off my friends list because it wasn’t serving me well emotionally. I do continue follow and support their business pages on FB and other social media platforms but as far as a relationship on a personal level, I’m moving forward.