Self-Care Music

New design is up. Check out the links for more products and color options.

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Reset and Re-focus

The past two week I slacked off a bit. I skipped out on exercising five days. I wanted to take a break and also rework my planner (and my mind), and use a different layout. I decided to go with Passion Planner’s undated daily layout instead of the weekly. I‘m also using it for journaling […]

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Doing Less is Okay

I decided to change my workout plan. Today I was tired…seasonal allergies slowing me down a bit these past few days plus menstrual hormones were sucking the life out of me. I actually took a nap this afternoon. LOL. So I decided to do half of my strength training workout but still committed to yoga. […]

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Health and Happiness

It’s been a long time since I posted anything here (over two years actually—cringe). I have been dealing with a constant cycle of anxiety and depression and these last two years have been one of the worse times. But I decided that I am done with it, and I was determined to gain back control […]

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