Health and Happiness

It’s been a long time since I posted anything here (over two years actually—cringe). I have been dealing with a constant cycle of anxiety and depression and these last two years have been one of the worse times. But I decided that I am done with it, and I was determined to gain back control of my life. After a short trip home in February,  I decided that I was ready to move back home to the states. I should have moved back years ago but due to a laziness that sometimes develops out of living comfortably or conveniently, I constantly tried to convince myself that I was better off living here. The reality is, I was living an unhappy life and in my opinion one with very little value. I wanted to be physically close to my friends and family. I wanted to be able to drive a few minutes or even a couple of hours to visit people. Older family members were only getting older, and some with declining health, and I didn’t want to miss out on spending more time with them. I also grew tired of the noisy, impatient, and selfish behavior that often plagues big, bustling cities like here in Seoul. I missed the quiet and easy pace of my much smaller hometown.

I have been taking steps to really start taking care of myself. From the end of April, I have been eating healthier and recording my calorie intake per day. I had also starting working out, three times a week initially, then daily after a couple of weeks. Sure, I had days where I binged or the weekends where I stayed home all day and sometimes skipped working out but I still felt good. Certainly much more better than I had been doing in the past two or three years. I was determined to get my happiness and health back. I have also been working on taking better care of my skin. I stopped using and keeping products that I didn’t enjoy using and I have created a skincare plan as a visual way to keep me on track as well. I have tweaked it a bit the past couple of weeks but for the most part I have been consistent with it.

I have also been better with my shopping habits. I realized years ago that I mostly shopped as a coping mechanism to my anxiety. Now I buy things that really need or if it’s something I want, I make sure I will use it and that it is of good quality.

As far as this blog is concern, I am planning on redirecting its focus, maybe making it a general blog. I’m working on a new header and maybe a new logo. I like my current logo but maybe with this refresh on life, it would be good to change it as well.

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